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Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.
1Additional guidelines for term conversions, such as timing, may apply.
2Term life insurance offers temporary protection for a critical period of time and is generally less expensive than permanent life insurance.
3Rider Insured’s Paid-Up Insurance Purchase Option in New York.
4Not available in every state. There is a cost to exercise this rider. Products and riders are available in approved jurisdictions, and names and features may vary.

For select riders, the condition applies to the insured. See the product and rider fact sheets for details.  In most jurisdictions, the form numbers are: Yearly Renewable Term (ICC22423-135P); Level Term (ICC22423-60P); Yearly Convertible Term (ICC18218-135P); Level Premium Convertible Term (ICC18218-60P); Living Benefits Rider (ICC22423-498R); Spouse’s Paid-up Insurance Purchase Option (In New York, “Rider Insured’s Paid-Up Insurance Purchase Option”) (ICC22423-375R); Disability Waiver of Premium Rider (ICC22423-235R); Policy Purchase Option Rider (ICC22423-413R); State variations may apply.  SMRU 5013877

Term life insurance is issued by NYLIFE Insurance Company of Arizona (NYLAZ), a wholly owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company (NYLIC), except in Maine and New York, where it issued by NYLIC.  NYLAZ is not authorized in Maine or New York and does not conduct insurance business in those states.